Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Why YOU should buy handmade soap!

Handmade soap. What's all the hype? Well, this was my question. Sure, it's great to support small business, but what else is in it for the buyer? If you're like me, you might have concerns, maybe certain skin conditions or sensitivities. I am no expert on skin conditions, but I do have severe eczema and overall extreme dry, flakey skin. I can at least tell you my experience with handmade soap and why I think everyone should give it a shot.

But, soap dries me out! Right? Wrong! This is what I thought my whole life, until I learned on the etsy forums that it's the harsh detergents in commercial soaps that dry you out and not the soap itself. In fact, with out all those added detergents, soap just cleanses the skin and does not strip it of your natural oils. So I decided to give handmade soap a shot and I found a shop with some soap that looked really cute and I'm so glad I found it!

Annie's Powder Room is my new favorite source for soap! That lovely popsicle soap picture at the top is what I ordered (in a different scent), and after only a couple uses I noticed my skin was not nearly as dried out. Annie's soap, like most handmade soap, has glycerin in it, which is nice and moisturizing. Did you know that most commercial soaps actually REMOVE the glycerin? Just another reason it dries your skin. After a month of using her soap my skin has vastly improved. I know I sound like a commercial, but after a lifetime of dry, cracked, sometimes oozing skin, I have finally found a good solution.

I have been told with eczema that you shouldn't shower daily because water is drying. But I just can't do that, I love my daily showers, so handmade soap is my best option. No, handmade soap has not CURED my eczema, but it has made my skin feel so much better. I mean, I'm writing a whole blog post on it! It must be good. Please check out Annie's shop, and take a gander at a few of my other favorites that I haven't tried yet, but can't wait to!

I definitely recommend a soap with glycerin if you have particularly dry skin. Also, a lot of soap makers on have samples available either in their shops, or if you ask them by convo. It's good to try samples of several kinds to test what is best for you.


DirtyAssSoaps: Yes this IS soap!

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Glitzer said...

I love these soaps! They smell so good even just by looking at them! Fab!