Saturday, February 28, 2009

What direction to go in...

My etsy shop has taken a totally new direction in the last couple of months. I've made and sold greeting cards for about 3 years and I totally love it. I sell pretty well to my mom's avon customers and friends, but online, I just wasn't selling. I got so many comments about my items; "oh that's so cute" but the sales just weren't happening. I even sought out veteran sellers, who gave me some small pointers, but basically were as bewildered as me about my slow sales.

So I decided to try something new. What do I like to buy and obsess about? Scrapbook embellishments and stamps. That's how I started to make them more, and it appears that my stamps are far more popular than my cards were online. It's a weird feeling though because I still love my cards and still want to sell them offline, but I'm trying to come to a decision of if I should offer stamps exclusively in my shop. Maybe an occasional card, but I  want to make more of a brand for myself, and I think going with only stamps will help. It seems silly, like an easy decision. If one thing is selling, and one thing isn't, offer only what is selling. It just feels weird to part with my cards.

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Meekiyu said...

That's quite a pickle. I think your shop is awesome and even though cards may not be your best seller I think they add a lot to your shop. You can focus more on stamps with also include your occasional card. In my art store my more Chibi Girl collection sells while My black and white ones don't but that doesn't deter me from listing the latter because I love them too and somewhere out there someone loves it and would want one. Lolol... I'm not much help but if you love making something you should list it. That's just me. =D