Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I've been feeling kind of blocked for a few days with coming up with new stamp designs. I finished up my biggest custom order ever today! That was awesome, and somehow inspired me to work on new ideas. 3 came to me all at one: rocket ship, skeleton key and a guitar. Kind of on the more boyish side than my usual cutesy items. Although I think these are still cute. Those monsters were my custom order. Here's my rocket ship:


And I made this guitar stamp because my hubby plays guitar:


mom said...

Your shop should be called a stamp shop only. I wish the person who had you make the monsters would let you make them for sale. They are really cute.

mom said...

The cupcake one seems to be the most popular. I wonder why? It's cute but so are all the others. I would love to know what people use the stamps for. Maybe someone could blog and tell us.