Sunday, February 22, 2009

Show your face!

I was inspired by a forum on etsy where all the sellers where linking to pictures of themselves. It's so cool to see someone you've been buying from, or communicating with, or just someone you see in the forums all the time- to actually see their face. Most of us on etsy just put up an avatar of one of our products, mine is a cute flower on stamped paper. But it's neat to really see the artist behind it. Kind of like when you go to a craft fair and you get to meet the person, and hear their story. But online, I think sometimes we forget that there is an actual human being behind it all. I know I have a small little picture of myself on here, but it's hard to see, so here are some of mine. I encourage you also to post a pic on your blog if you don't have one, for a little fun and a peek into your world. Let me know if you put one up!

The top picture is me in career mode. I'm a professional steel pan player, freelance musician, self-employed teacher.

Here's my wedding day with my parents:

and more recently after I chopped off 10 inches of hair!


The Muddy Moose Bath Boutique said...

That's great, thanks so much for sharing!

BookWormz said...

I love the new haircut!

little cardmaker said...

Wow! Did you donate your hair?

Candice said...

I certainly did little cardmaker!

AnniKae said...

What a wonderful Idea! I'll have to do this for my next post. Thanks for sharing the pictures.
Happy Day!
Anni Kae