Thursday, January 22, 2009

How-To Make Attractive Eco-Friendly Packages

I wanted to share with you how I make my packages attractive, yet use mostly recycled materials. A lot of what I use is left over from either my own supplies that I have bought, or from other packages I've received. Take a look at everything you buy that comes in a package- from scrapbooking supplies, to candy, to groceries. If it's clean- reuse it! You'll save on your shipping supplies and make your customers happy that you recycle.

For my packages I use the following:
1. Piece of cardboard for stiffness in package- you can use cardboard from cereal boxes, or, like me, use cardboard from boxes left over from a move. Walmart is constantly restocking and throwing out boxes. Just catch them when they're restocking and ask if you can have a box.

2. Plastic pouch. Lots of my scrapbooking supplies come in a plastic sleeve, check your own supplies that you buy often and see if you can reuse the plastic it comes in.

3. Paper scraps. Obviously I do a lot of paper crafting so I have a lot of leftover paper. If you're not into paper crafting, try using paper from you printer that printed wrong, or from junk mail that can be turned inside out to use the blank space.

4. Tissue or bubble wrap- I reuse what I get from other packages, but you can also use newspaper. Just wrap it nicely so it looks professional.

5. This is my personal only non-recycled part: Shipping paper and tape.

First, put your item in your recycled plastic sleeve, and attach paper scraps or recycled paper on the top with staples. This is also a good opportunity to save more. If you write a handmade thank you, you can just write it on the top of the package.


Next, wrap your item in bubble wrap, tissue or newspaper, and set on a piece of sturdy cardboard.

Last, wrap in shipping paper and tape. Or slip in a mailer.

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Meekiyu said...

hey that's a great idea! It looks very professional too. =D