Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Here's my first giveaway! The winner will get a file folder shaped greeting card. It's the same size as a standard greeting card, but is in the shape of a file folder and it says "hello" on the tab. Also, you'll get 2 coordinating gift tags. You can use them on gifts, scrapbooks or even as bookmarks!
IMG_7401 IMG_7402 IMG_7403

It's easy to enter!
Just do the following:
1. Leave a comment telling me what types of items you'd like to see in my next giveaway.
2. Leave your contact email

Winner will be chosen at random on Friday, January 30.


Bagladee said...

Ooooh they are lovely, cards are always a great give away prize. thanks for the opportunity to win :)

Digital Misfit said...

Your shop is so fabulous! I have hearted it!
Those cards are so bright and cheerful - sure to make anybody smile.
I would LOVE to see a giveaway with one of your handcarved rubber stamps. I dont think I have ever seen a handcarved stamp giveaway, and yours are just too cute! I ♥ the monkey!


Elizabeth W said...

Your cards in your shop are beautiful! You have a wonderful talent for making greeting cards!

I would love to see a giveaway with a whole lot of stickers!
What are cards without stickers? When I write up a card to someone, my favorite part is when I get to dress up the card, by putting on stickers!
I would love to see that.
Keep up the great work!
Now I know where to get cards when I need them!
Thanks for such a lovely giveaway!


Anonymous said...

Cute.Would like to enter the giveaway.
You asked for ideas....maybe a circus car w/the animal being a pull-out card.(hope that makes sense.


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous! I would like to see more office products cards -- like post-it notes or I don't know, photocopiers or something.

Aren't you glad you asked for my input? (:

AnniKae said...

Oh...I love the GiveAway item you have right now. So unique and different from all of the other cards out there.
*cross my fingers and hope to win*
Happy Day!

Jen said...

So cute! I would love to see you design some recipe cards that match that. I am looking for some cute ones and that would be perfect.
-10oneworld on Etsy

Stacie said...

What about some stuff for Valentines day?


valerie2350 said...

very cute!
valentines would be great, too

robin_titan said...

Oh that's so cute! I've never seen any greeting cards like these before, how creative! I hope I win I'd love to give this to my best friend for her upcoming birthday!

Hmm you can give away more awesome cards! hehe or..maybe some mini scrapbooks or stamps

Anonymous said...

I love the cards giveaway. I agree ... one of your handcarved stamps would be great too. Thanks!