Tuesday, December 2, 2008

So I Wanna Be a Blogger?

Alright. Set up blog: check. Customize to my specific (within their offerings) taste: check. Fumble over how to upload pictures in my blog posts: check. Get people to give a hoot about what I, a short, 5-foot-2 (wearing shoes), kinda shy, kinda silly, sarcastic, sorta crazy, musician give them to read……check-ish.

Well the holidays are upon us and it seems it’s that time of year when everyone gets a little crazy-eyed. You know the look- hair pulled back, some sort of scarf (or maybe that’s just yarn from late night knitting that got stuck to her coat?), coffee in one hand, to-do list in the other.
And my favorite- waking up in the morning, looking in the mirror and realizing that one eye is still sealed shut, protesting this societal ritual of rising before dawn, throwing on clothes, grabbing some sort of pastry from the “Stop and Shop,” “Grab and Go,” “Pee and Flee,” or “Flush and Rush,” and speeding off to respective office/school/general place of work. And then when you do make it to work, that eye pops open at the prospect of logging in to etsy, hotmail, yahoo, blogger, twitter, facebook, myspace, flickr and seeing if you have any love. Well have you?

Here’s some love! My picks for this week (although I’m not sure if this will be a weekly, semi-weekly, daily or otherwise thing). It’s the very first, adventure-filled episode of Candice’s Clicks. Have a peek will ya? Both eyes are open now.

I thought these were yummy cinnamon sticks when I first saw the picture, so when I found out they not, well, I figured what could be better than cinnamon? Monkey Farts! Don’t worry, it’s just a silly name, they actually smell like Pineapple, Orange, Banana (of course), Green Apple, Coconut Rum, and Creamy Vanilla. by starshinecompany
blog feature 1

Where’s the best place to put that hot pan? On a Christmas light silly! These are adorable. byflutterbuggcreations
blog feature 1

I just like this. I have no funny quip. Move along. by laurabailliedesigns
blog feature 1

I was never into barbies as a kid (hey, undressing my new kids on the block dolls was way more fun), but these are just so cute and unique. by randomquirks
blog feature 1

This is just clever. by huggermugger
Blog feature 1

Thanks so much to everyone who submitted items for my feature. I couldn’t feature you all, but will be keeping you ALL in mind for the next episode. Keep the comments coming and I promise to keep checking back with you.


Alison Du Bois said...

Nice blog - and I love your picks! Best wishes,

ceejay said...

thanks for your nice comment on my blog! good luck with yours!


Mayhem said...

good picks...loved the necklace

I like your writing style...stick with it!

Rachel Kovaciny said...

Thanks for the feature! You picked one of my favorite journals :-)

Hi! said...

Hey! Thanks for featuring my hotpads! :) Your blog is coming on very nicely and your sense of humor is great! :) LOL Have a great day.

Quirks said...

Thank you so much for featuring my earrings :D. Your blog looks great so far, keep up the good work!