Sunday, July 26, 2009

Just a little update, my new shop name is "Drum Chick Designs."


Anonymous said...

Cute name :)

I found your blog by browsing Lauren Alexander's followers.
She's generously donated one of her prints for a Giveaway on my blog. When you have a moment, come check it out on my blog here:

Have a lovely weekend,
Kara Witham

Melissa said...

Hey Candice!

thanks for comments on my blog! I love to hear what people think of my work, even though I'm still relatively new for Etsy...I sometimes think I was doing crafts in my mothers womb, it seems so natural to me. :D

Listened to your music, i loveeeeeeeeeee it, very soothing and relaxing, going to post link for you on facebook for your myspace page!!

Wondered if I could send you a pic of an idea I have for a stamp that you could perhaps make for my blog/business.